Selling? Is your home ‘Dressed to Impress’?

January has brought to Ellis and Co – buyers.

Up and down the UK the market is moving, people are ditching their Christmas trees for ‘For Sale’ signs and buyers are out in force.  There is a confidence in the market that is growing and the need for properties, increasing.

It has been an exciting start to January.  We finished the year on a high after our amazing Gold Award winning achievements at The Times Estate Agency Awards, but this was just the start.  This award has made us more determined to exceed your expectations.  We have had an increasing number of quality buyers through our doors, far more than this time last year.

All predictions for 2014 show that property prices will increase during this year.  The Telegraph states “The Office for Budget Responsibility, the Treasury forecaster, predicted a rise of 5.2pc in 2014.”

We are ready for a very busy start to the year; no floods or polar vortex will stop us bringing buyers and vendors together.

How to get your home ready for sale.

You have all heard the advice, de-clutter, de-personalise, de-colour, but can you take this too far? How can you sensibly get your home ready for sale?

There is truth to the advice, but take it too far and you will be left with a cold home that feels unloved.


De-Cluttering is essential for putting your house on the market.  We have garages and store cupboards full of “stuff” and gadgets that we may or may not use.  Do you want to take all this with you?  Go through every cupboard and draw, your shed and attic can decide what you really need in your new home.  A great idea is to rent a storage unit for a short time, here you can store all your packed boxes of things you won’t need before your move.


We all have our own tastes and styles as well as personal and sentimental accessories and furniture around the house.  De-personalising does not mean remove everything, but carefully pick the pieces you wish to express your home’s lifestyle.

What do we mean?

Your home maybe perfect for a family, or may be geared to a young professional, does your item depict the homes lifestyle.  A couple of personal photos around the house are fine, but remember you want people to be able to picture themselves in your property and not get distracted.

Living -Trevereux Millgate

Living Room from Contemporary House, Trevereux, Oxted – Millgate Homes


There is a rule of thumb that all rooms should be neutral in colour as to show a blank canvas.  If your home is already this style that is fine, but if you have some colour don’t rush to hide it.  If you visit a show-home, you will see that colour is used on most walls in the form of paints and wallpapers.  But what you also see is that each room’s palette is tasteful and warm.  Be tough on your decorating choices, if you think potential buyers won’t like it, then it’s time to change, otherwise touch up and tidy.


Other key points to remember

  • First Impressions Count – Ensure your home has kerb appeal
  • Tool Box Required – Finish all the odd jobs you have been putting off.
  • ‘What’s in Here?’ – Clean everywhere, we mean everywhere including inside your fridge, buyers naturally open cupboards.
  • Dressed for Success – Ensure each room is dressed for it’s purpose e.g. if it’s a bedroom show it as a bedroom.
  • Create a Show Stopper – Stage your home for sale.  Add flowers, some nice cushions and hide all the lotions.

List your home with Ellis and Co

Yes we are award winning but we also:

  • Look beyond our mailing list and proactively search for qualified buyers
  • Don’t just believe selling your home is a priority, we live and breathe it.
  • Phone, email, tweet …..  There is no reason why you should not be kept up to date.
  • Care.  We don’t just sell houses, we help people live their dreams.

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