To have a Board or not to have a Board? The Importance of the For Sale Board.

The ‘For Sale’ sign, do you?

A – understand the importance of the sign

B – believe it is out of date, ugly and a waste of time

It is true that the ‘for sale’ sign has been around for generations.  It is also true that as with most businesses, estate agency has developed and evolved.  We have been adopting new technologies, embracing best practice and changing the typical stereotypes.  We are a new breed, social media savvy, proactive in our approaches yet still very much at the heart of the communities in which we serve.

Yet in this ever-changing industry, the some would say the ‘dated’ for sale board remains.  A beacon on your property journey or an eye sore in your suburban streets.

At Ellis and Co we stand by our for sale signs.  Not as a symbol of our
existence but as one of the most powerful marketing tools we have.  It is true that the number one method of finding property is online through property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.  But hot on its heals is our sign.  Why in this digital age are signs still the second most effective way of marketing your home?


Unlike our grandparents generation we sadly no longer know everyone in our street or neighbourhood.  Word of mouth is the most powerful and effective resource, having the board outside your home can start a chain of conversations, which can lead to potential buyers.

Passers by

Similarly the same goes for people passing by your home.  Many buyers visit areas of interest exclusively looking for property on the market.  Having the board outside will ensure they know about your home more quickly, again leading to a possible viewing and a potential sale.

As a vendor we want to ensure that we provide you with the best possible service.  Our signs serve a purpose – to sell your home.

One thing we can guarantee is that we will not use tactics like this to sell your home:




To have an Ellis and Co ‘For Sale’ Board means that your home is well on it’s way to being SOLD!



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