Added Value with a Wildlife Friendly Garden

What a difference the small touches can make, whether it be staging your home for sale or adding some key accessories.  Gardens have always been a window to nature, but as our landscape changes so can our local wildlife’s habitat.  As part of our garden month we want to share with you some wonderful garden accessories to help you create a wildlife friendly garden.

Bird tables and boxes have found homes in our gardens for many years.  The traditional wooden style nesting box and bird table would look out of place within some contemporary gardens so what alternatives are there out there?

The Eva Solo Bird Table Standing is a real eye catching design that looks more that a piece of art rather than a bird table.  Not only does the table provide cover it would be a statement piece for your garden.

Eva Solo Bird Table Standing
Eva Solo Bird Table Standing

When we saw this bird water drinker we just couldn’t resist it.  At Ellis and Co we love our morning cup of tea, so we felt it was only right to share our love of tea within a wildlife friendly garden.

China Tea Cups - Bird Water Drinkers
China Tea Cups – Bird Water Drinkers

As we all know children love observing nature and encouraging them for a ‘sleep over’ will make you a hero in their eyes.  We really like the Avianex Nest Boxes, there are tough and long lasting perfect for those inquisitive small hands.  They are a fantastic home for small birds such as blue tits and house sparrows.

Avianex Nest Boxes
Avianex Nest Boxes

Frogs and toads are in real danger and so if you spot these amphibian creatures finding comfort in your garden why not give nature a helping hand.  They like to eat a lot of beetles, bugs, slugs and snails. They love warm, humid atmospheres so don’t be surprised if you find one getting cosy in your shed.

The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter will provide the shelter that they need in your garden.  It is all about location, location, location, find a cool and sheltered quiet part of the garden preferably near a pond if you have one.  Their interior furnishing requirements are stones, moss and leaves.

The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter
The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter

Insects provide many useful chores in our garden, it is important therefore that we encourage nature’s friends to flourish within our gardens.  The ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower full of nooks and crannies is a haven for insects who will all make it their home.

Encourage nature’s friends to flourish in your garden and they will carry out useful chores along the way. This tower, with its nooks and crannies, encourages many beneficial insects including ladybirds, solitary bees and lacewings to take up residence.

No matter what the size of your garden the ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower will be the perfect wildlife friendly addition.

ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower
ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower

One of my most loved wildlife garden animals is the Hedgehog.  So vulnerable in many ways, we long to protect them.  Why not provide your Hedgehogs with their dream home.  The Wooden Hedgehog House has been designed to protect them over the winter months, the entrance tunnel ensures it is also a safe house from predators.  Find a secluded part of your garden where they are hibernate undisturbed.

Deluxe Hedgehog House
Deluxe Hedgehog House

We ask you to join Ellis and Co this February in our quest to encourage the wildlife back into our gardens.

A well maintained garden full of life is a real asset to your home, especially when you are looking to sell.  The garden is just an addition to your interior so you need to ensure that your garden is ready for sale.

Does a garden really add value to your home?  Check out our February newsletter to find out more.

A well-presented garden can add value to your home

Call Jason Davies today on 020 8455 1014 to find out how much value your garden has added onto your home.


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