Great Ideas for a Beautiful yet Child Friendly Garden

Parents, you have a beautiful garden then our little ones arrive.  Slowly a slide moves in, then a playhouse and before you know it, your once beautiful garden becomes a playground.  So how can you have both?  Can you really still have a beautiful garden and have fun areas for the children?

We want you to love your gardens and we know that that a well designed garden can add value to your home.


This is so simple and great fun, the best part is that you can do it together.  Use part of  flower bed or a large plant tub, fill with compost and add some small shrubs and rocks to create a mini land.  Your children can then add a bag of plastic dinosaurs  to have their own mini ‘Dinoland’.

our dino land


Our children love a trampoline in the garden, but we must admit they are an eye sore.  The sunken trampoline is best idea we have seen for incorporating a trampoline into your garden as it is not only safe but stylish.

Sunken Trampoline, Guardian
Sunken Trampoline, The Guardian
Sunken Trampoline, Floral and Hardy
Sunken Trampoline, Floral and Hardy


We all remember our childhood ‘dens’, spending hours playing in the land of make believe.  There are some incredible playhouses available, and with a touch of paint and creativity they can be transformed.  Try and use garden colours such as sage green or a pale sky blue.

Playhouse, HousetoHome
Playhouse, HousetoHome
Child's Cottage, h
Child’s Cottage, HeartHomeMag

For a more rustic and eco approach then these playhouses from Cox and Cox are fantastic.  Made from handwoven hazel, they are robust and would blend into any garden design perfectly.

Eco Friendly Playhouses
Eco Friendly Playhouses


How about creating a garden that has clearly defined areas for children and adults.  Zoning can be achieved by using different surfaces for different areas.  Screening can also be used to create a zone, trellis and trees such as bamboo are the perfect choice.

Playhouse on Stilts, Acron Landscape
Playhouse on Stilts, Acron Landscapes
Formal garden with children in mind
Formal garden with children in mind, Sallis Chandler

Ellis and Co Child Friendly Garden Tips

  • Storage is just as important in your outside space as it is inside your home.
  • Artificial turf in your children’s zone means they can play out no matter what the weather.  It is hard wearing and will prevent muddy shoes!
  • Bring wildlife into your garden.  For ideas and tips, check out – Added Value with a Wildlife Friendly Garden
  • Most importantly, have fun in designing spaces that work for the whole family.

A well-presented garden can add value to your home

Call Jason Davies today on 020 8455 1014 to find out how much value your garden has added onto your home.


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