Don’t Forget to Accessorise your Garden

We love to buy accessories for our home, beautiful cushions, stylish ornaments, striking pieces of art.  But when it comes to our gardens we are very much reserved.  Now we are not talking about bringing gnomes back into fashion, but thinking about key accessories that will transform your garden into an elegant space.

When selling your home how your outside space looks is just as important as the inside.  How your garden is presented can make or break a sale.  We have found a collection of beautiful accessories to help turn your garden from an ‘ok’ to a ‘wow’. Planters and vases come in all materials, shapes and sizes and are an easy and perfect way to add a touch of glamour.  Using up-cycled and recycled products is on trend at the moment, and we have found something very clever.  This recycled corrugated vase and bowl has a water resistant coating to protect the unique card finish, with a glass inner this vase is very special and makes a real feature.

Recycled Eco Corrugated Vase & Bowl, Doris & Boris
Recycled Eco Corrugated Vase & Bowl, Doris & Boris

These traditional galvanised zinc florist vases add a touch of vintage.  Group together in a trio for maximum effect.

Zinc Florist's Vase, Lovestruck Interiors
Zinc Florist’s Vase, Lovestruck Interiors

Displaying art within our home is nothing new, but how about in your garden.  Just as a work of art can transform a room, the same can be said for a wall or a fence.  Outdoor canvas’s are made from completely weatherproof materials to decorate your outdoor space all year round.

Ruby Astrantia Outdoor Art Canvas, Insideout Garden Art
Ruby Astrantia Outdoor Art Canvas, Insideout Garden Art

These beautiful copper garden sculptures will add some sparkle to your garden.  They come in a variety of jewel colours designed to add colour to your garden border.  The copper interior glows beautifully at night when used with a tealight, what a perfect look for a twilight viewing.

Three Coloured Copper Tulip Garden Sculptures, Not on the High Street
Three Coloured Copper Tulip Garden Sculptures, Not on the High Street

When you have a viewing you need to create an atmosphere for potential buyers to fall in love with.  Hurricane lanterns are perfect for summer bbqs and alfresco dining.

St Ives Hurricane Garden Lantern, Not on the High Street
St Ives Hurricane Garden Lantern, Not on the High Street

If you are looking for something fun and quirky then look no further than this Garden Hose Pipe and Reindeer Wall mount.  Have you ever thought of a garden hose pipe as being sexy and glamorous? Practical, sure. Easy to use, absolutely. Glamorous, not so much… until now. The designs are inspired by the iconic bags of Hermés, Chanel and Mulberry.

Garden Glory, Doris and Boris
Garden Glory, Doris and Boris

Putting your house on the market? Don’t Forget to Accessorise your Garden.

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How getting a mortgage just got a little tougher

Did you know that on the 26 April 2014 the rules to getting a mortgage changed? Why? “In the past too many people got a mortgage by simply telling their lender they would have no problem repaying their debt, and that was that,” said Martin Wheatley, chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). “Our new rules will hardwire common sense into mortgage lending.”

The changes do not only affect first time buyers but also those looking to re-mortgage. The main area of concern for homebuyers and owners is the “stress” test. This is a more intrusive process than we are used to which means that taking out a mortgage could take longer than before.


The stress test has been introduced so lenders can check your ability to repay your mortgage should the interest rates rise. With mortgage rates being low for some time a dramatic rise could seriously affect some peoples ability to repay. Surely the changes are sensible and a good thing?

Stress testing will determine if you can afford the repayments with the money spare in your family budget. This means that even utilities, your cost for commuting, membership/subscriptions, cost of living, clothes, personal goods and childcare costs will all be taken into account.

How to prepare for the stress test.

It has been advised that before you apply for a mortgage that you try and pay off any outstanding debts, cancel unused and unnecessary memberships/subscriptions and cut back on spending for at least 3 months prior to applying.


Gavin Littlejohn, founder of the Money Dashboard website, says borrowers can prepare for the new regime “by properly budgeting and showing consistent behaviour of being able to live within their means”.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders suggest that prior to your meeting with the lender that you anticipate the questions that may be asked and have the relevant documentation available such as pay slips and bank statements.

The changes make seem drastic but I am sure you will agree it’s better to go through a stress test than risk loosing your home.

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