The Perfect Sale – Is there such a thing?

When you’re selling and buying a home, you dream of the perfect sale. The sale where you can sit back relax, the process moves swiftly and then you get a call to say you have exchanged. You collect/drop off your keys on the completion date and open the door to your new beautiful home. Everything has run smoothly and you blissfully move with no stress at all.

I’m afraid to tell you that this reads like a work of fiction, as many of us know. Why?, because that from the moment an offer is accepted the majority of what happens next is completely out of your control. Not only are you at the mercy of your solicitors’ efficiency, but also that of everyone in the chain. It’s a time where stress takes hold and frustrations set in.

At Ellis and Co Golders Green our mission, and we always choose to accept it, is to be the central control of your sale. We want you to have a pleasurable experience and we work hard to make sure it happens. It is our job to do all the chasing so you don’t have to. We keep in contact with your solicitors and your seller/buyers solicitors, we chase searches, documents and faxes and keep you updated so you can focus on planning your future. Not only do we keep on top of your sale but also that of your chain to ensure that we are in the best situation to advise and keep things moving.

In effect we are trying to give you The Perfect Sale.

But what can you do to help?

It’s all about documentation and information – any small delay can have an impact on the whole chain.

  •  Identity – make sure you have all your previous address, passport and other identity documentation ready and available.
  • Mortgage – Simple, have a mortgage in place. Please do not wait until after you’ve made an offer as you could delay things for the rest of the chain and there may even be a small chance that you can’t afford the home you’re seeking.
  • Deeds and Servicing. – If you are selling your home, start sorting through your documentation and making sure you have the deeds to your home and any annual servicing documents available. You do not want to be in a mad panic one evening as they weren’t where you thought you had left them.
  • Communication – Make sure your solicitor and estate agents have your contact numbers in case they need to get in contact with you as a matter of urgency.
  • Check – If you are asked to fax any documents, always ring to check the person they are destined for has received them.
  • Double Check – Keep on top of your emails and post, ensure any documents that are to be signed and returned, are read thoroughly and returned as soon as possible.


Help yourself to have The Perfect Sale.

Not all Estate Agents are the same; we work hard to ensure the service we provide is over and above your expectations. We don’t just say we’re the best; we prove it to our customers every day.

Contact us today and let us help you on your journey to The Perfect Sale.




What are we actually selling?

As an estate agent you may think that it is obvious what we are selling. We do have photos of houses in our window and on our website. Yes we sell houses but we sell much more than that. To sell a house you are selling bricks and mortar, it is a transaction. As though selling a product, each transaction is the same, and you offer the exact same service.

At Ellis and Co Golders Green we know that we don’t sell houses.

No, we haven’t completely lost the plot! So what do we sell?

We sell a home and a lifestyle.

Selling a home is privilege; it takes care, attention to detail and passion. Selling a home is not a transaction but a journey. The journey goes in two directions; on one side you have the seller on the other the buyer. Each has to go through a series of stages before they can cross to the other side. You have the excitement at the start of the journey about your next stage of your life, in trepidation that the process will run smoothly, and slightly stressed about the amount you need to do before you move.

When buying a home you are buying into the lifestyle you want. Wanting something and having something are two completely different things. Emotions are a natural part of buying or selling a home, and it is here where we can help. The agreement of an offer is only the start of our journey.

Many people believe that we ‘hungry’ estate agents only want the sale. As soon as an offer has been accepted we are on to our next victim. Oh how wrong can these people be? Having an offer accepted is just the beginning; it is our responsibility to coordinate all the pieces of the puzzle. We keep our eye on all the details, chasing paperwork and ensuring that things are moving swiftly and smoothly.

We want you to have the lifestyle you want, but we don’t want it to be marred by a stressful journey. It’s with a sense of pride that takes you to completion, knowing that you will open the door to your future.

Is that the end?

Does our journey together stop there?

No! Selling a home is more than a one-time deal. We keep in touch and are always here to advise. When at such time you are ready for a new beginning, we are more than happy to not sell your house but your home.

What we are selling is not just the home that you love, but the lifestyle you want and more importantly the journey it takes you to get there.

Thinking about selling or buying a home? Register with us today and let your journey begin. Call James Ryan on 0208 457 5590