5 Reasons why you shouldn’t list your home with Ellis and Co Golders Green

You are looking to sell your home and confused over which agent to choose. Before you invite us to undertake a valuation you may want to read this post. We want to tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t list your home with us. We want to make your choice easier!

  1. Our People

I’m sorry to say that our team are not the stereotypical estate agents. Sadly they are really great people to talk to and even know how to listen.

  1. Our Service

For some crazy reason we believe that selling your home, your biggest asset, deserves exceptional service. Our team are proactive in finding buyers, shockingly want to go above and beyond to ensure that your sale goes smoothly, they even communicate with you regularly.

  1. Your Home

Can you believe that we want to put your home in the spotlight to attract as many buyers as possible, yes we must be mad!   Instead of cheap shots, we extravagantly take professional photographs that enhance your homes best features. We don’t stop there, we ensure your home is listed on all the major property portals, advertise locally, and produce a variety of print within which your home could be showcased.

  1. Viewings

Unlike some other agents, we won’t make you do your own viewings, no! We do them instead. What makes us think we can do a better job? I have no idea, but it has something to do with notion of being able to not just sell your home but also the lifestyle your home brings. We want to start to build a relationship with potential buyers, answer questions, and work towards having an offer accepted. Because we do this everyday we believe it’s what you deserve.

  1. Selling

We have saved the worst until last. We will sell your home. Yes I know, how dare we! And it gets worse. We will sell it quickly. So not only will you have to part with the property you have fallen out of love with, but you will have to move to your future home sooner than you expected.

As you can see these are 5 appalling reasons not to list your home with Ellis and Co Golders Green.

But if you still want to discover how we will sell your Home, give us a call today on 020 8455 1014.



Why we are More Than Words!

When you are selecting an estate agent to list your home you need to feel you can trust them. Trust can be a difficult thing to earn and yes, we know that we are not the only estate agent in town. When meeting you for the first time we have to ensure we show our passion and dedication to sell your home without coming across as ‘a salesman’. But a salesman is what we are, we need to sell you our company, our ethos, our expertise, ourselves.

At Ellis and Co Golders Green we know that we are so much more than the words we use. Every part of our business is built around you, the client and then your property. If we can’t prove to you we are the best agent to sell your home, how can we sell your home to potential buyers?

Words are nothing without action, words get us through your door, and action ensures we hold the key.

So how can we prove to you with action that we are the best company to sell your home?

  • We regularly communicate, and we will always call back.
  • We research other properties in the area that have sold recently and show you the report.
  • We want to listen with interest to your personal circumstances and come up with solutions to sell your home.
  • We actively target potential buyers, and find innovative ways to attract more.
  • We advise you on ways you can help sell your home.
  • We will have ideas for a marketing strategy for your home.
  • We will be interested in learning about your home, enabling us to share your love of your home with potential buyers.
  • We accompany potential buyers on viewings
  • We will negotiate any offers, ensuring you get the best price for your home.
  • We will not disappear when the sale has been agreed.
  • We will manage the sale to completion and beyond.

Let us show you why selling your home through Ellis and Co Golders Green will be the right decision.

You will agree that we are More Than Words.