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Don’t Forget to Accessorise your Garden

We love to buy accessories for our home, beautiful cushions, stylish ornaments, striking pieces of art.  But when it comes to our gardens we are very much reserved.  Now we are not talking about bringing gnomes back into fashion, but thinking about key accessories that will transform your garden into an elegant space.

When selling your home how your outside space looks is just as important as the inside.  How your garden is presented can make or break a sale.  We have found a collection of beautiful accessories to help turn your garden from an ‘ok’ to a ‘wow’. Planters and vases come in all materials, shapes and sizes and are an easy and perfect way to add a touch of glamour.  Using up-cycled and recycled products is on trend at the moment, and we have found something very clever.  This recycled corrugated vase and bowl has a water resistant coating to protect the unique card finish, with a glass inner this vase is very special and makes a real feature.

Recycled Eco Corrugated Vase & Bowl, Doris & Boris
Recycled Eco Corrugated Vase & Bowl, Doris & Boris

These traditional galvanised zinc florist vases add a touch of vintage.  Group together in a trio for maximum effect.

Zinc Florist's Vase, Lovestruck Interiors
Zinc Florist’s Vase, Lovestruck Interiors

Displaying art within our home is nothing new, but how about in your garden.  Just as a work of art can transform a room, the same can be said for a wall or a fence.  Outdoor canvas’s are made from completely weatherproof materials to decorate your outdoor space all year round.

Ruby Astrantia Outdoor Art Canvas, Insideout Garden Art
Ruby Astrantia Outdoor Art Canvas, Insideout Garden Art

These beautiful copper garden sculptures will add some sparkle to your garden.  They come in a variety of jewel colours designed to add colour to your garden border.  The copper interior glows beautifully at night when used with a tealight, what a perfect look for a twilight viewing.

Three Coloured Copper Tulip Garden Sculptures, Not on the High Street
Three Coloured Copper Tulip Garden Sculptures, Not on the High Street

When you have a viewing you need to create an atmosphere for potential buyers to fall in love with.  Hurricane lanterns are perfect for summer bbqs and alfresco dining.

St Ives Hurricane Garden Lantern, Not on the High Street
St Ives Hurricane Garden Lantern, Not on the High Street

If you are looking for something fun and quirky then look no further than this Garden Hose Pipe and Reindeer Wall mount.  Have you ever thought of a garden hose pipe as being sexy and glamorous? Practical, sure. Easy to use, absolutely. Glamorous, not so much… until now. The designs are inspired by the iconic bags of Hermés, Chanel and Mulberry.

Garden Glory, Doris and Boris
Garden Glory, Doris and Boris

Putting your house on the market? Don’t Forget to Accessorise your Garden.

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Local Expert Gardener Dr. Chris Page, Shares his Expertise with Ellis and Co Golders Green

Our new newsletter, which we distributed during the beginning of February, has had an amazing response.  What we didn’t expect is it connecting is the number of people contacting Ellis and Co Golders Green as an result of reading our new newsletter.

Dr Chris Page contacted Ellis and Co Golders Green, interested in our gardening month especially as he is chairman of the ‘The Hampstead Garden Suburb Horticultural Society.’

We couldn’t miss the fantastic opportunity to ask him some questions, especially about our quest to get wildlife back into our gardens.

Can you tell me about The Hampstead Garden Suburb Horticultural Society?

I’m the Chairman of the Horticultural Society and speaking on my own behalf. We’re the oldest in the suburb, and celebrated our centenary just over a year go. We’re not the oldest in the country, but one of the oldest.

We’re one of the most active societies, with over four hundred members and we have a range of activities such as garden visits, talks, competitions. We recently ran an internal competition for best garden.

How did you get involved?

I am a keen gardener and I was identified as a suitable committee member. It seemed to be a natural progression.

Where did your love of gardening come from?

I think it is partly genetic as my grandfather was a gardener. He had a big garden, and I can still smell the fish, blood and bone that was stored in his shed. My father was a keen gardener too. I resolved not to do gardening when I was younger, but I did do a few houseplants at one stage. It wasn’t until I got my own garden that I became enthused by the bug!

Ellis and Co are promoting wildlife in the garden this month. How important is wildlife in the garden?

Wildlife is very important, and unfortunately, not everyone shares this view. The countryside is increasingly habited by monoculture, and not the diversity compensated by gardening that takes up quite a large acreage when you add them all together. Our individual gardens may not be great, but add it all together and it makes an approachable area to encourage wildlife.

Can you offer any top tips to encourage wildlife in gardens?

Gardens need a wide mix of things. Birds need to nest, perch and feed so feeders can help. More than anything have water in your garden, such as installing a pond. This encourages wildlife of all sorts, not just the obvious like toads and newts, but also birds to wash and bees to drink. It’s also very amenable for humans.

Are there any plants that are best to have in the garden to attract wildlife?

Anything that flowers, particularly at the end of the season in the summer. There’s many plants available for bees and insects, but less in the winter, so wild flowering shrubs are useful for bees. Buddleia are good, and ivy is fantastic as it flowers late in the season and provides protection for nesting.

What are your three top tips for getting your garden ready for summer?

  • At this time of year cut herbaceous perennials to allow new growth.
  • Provide manure and fertilizer ready for plants, and mulch for borders and vegetables.
  • It will also soon be time to start sowing seeds!

We would like to thank Dr. Chris Page for taking the time to talk to us at Ellis and Co Golders Green.

A well-presented garden can add value to your home

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Image Source Hampstead Garden Suburb

Great Ideas for a Beautiful yet Child Friendly Garden

Parents, you have a beautiful garden then our little ones arrive.  Slowly a slide moves in, then a playhouse and before you know it, your once beautiful garden becomes a playground.  So how can you have both?  Can you really still have a beautiful garden and have fun areas for the children?

We want you to love your gardens and we know that that a well designed garden can add value to your home.


This is so simple and great fun, the best part is that you can do it together.  Use part of  flower bed or a large plant tub, fill with compost and add some small shrubs and rocks to create a mini land.  Your children can then add a bag of plastic dinosaurs  to have their own mini ‘Dinoland’.

our dino land


Our children love a trampoline in the garden, but we must admit they are an eye sore.  The sunken trampoline is best idea we have seen for incorporating a trampoline into your garden as it is not only safe but stylish.

Sunken Trampoline, Guardian
Sunken Trampoline, The Guardian
Sunken Trampoline, Floral and Hardy
Sunken Trampoline, Floral and Hardy


We all remember our childhood ‘dens’, spending hours playing in the land of make believe.  There are some incredible playhouses available, and with a touch of paint and creativity they can be transformed.  Try and use garden colours such as sage green or a pale sky blue.

Playhouse, HousetoHome
Playhouse, HousetoHome
Child's Cottage, h
Child’s Cottage, HeartHomeMag

For a more rustic and eco approach then these playhouses from Cox and Cox are fantastic.  Made from handwoven hazel, they are robust and would blend into any garden design perfectly.

Eco Friendly Playhouses
Eco Friendly Playhouses


How about creating a garden that has clearly defined areas for children and adults.  Zoning can be achieved by using different surfaces for different areas.  Screening can also be used to create a zone, trellis and trees such as bamboo are the perfect choice.

Playhouse on Stilts, Acron Landscape
Playhouse on Stilts, Acron Landscapes
Formal garden with children in mind
Formal garden with children in mind, Sallis Chandler

Ellis and Co Child Friendly Garden Tips

  • Storage is just as important in your outside space as it is inside your home.
  • Artificial turf in your children’s zone means they can play out no matter what the weather.  It is hard wearing and will prevent muddy shoes!
  • Bring wildlife into your garden.  For ideas and tips, check out – Added Value with a Wildlife Friendly Garden
  • Most importantly, have fun in designing spaces that work for the whole family.

A well-presented garden can add value to your home

Call Jason Davies today on 020 8455 1014 to find out how much value your garden has added onto your home.

Added Value with a Wildlife Friendly Garden

What a difference the small touches can make, whether it be staging your home for sale or adding some key accessories.  Gardens have always been a window to nature, but as our landscape changes so can our local wildlife’s habitat.  As part of our garden month we want to share with you some wonderful garden accessories to help you create a wildlife friendly garden.

Bird tables and boxes have found homes in our gardens for many years.  The traditional wooden style nesting box and bird table would look out of place within some contemporary gardens so what alternatives are there out there?

The Eva Solo Bird Table Standing is a real eye catching design that looks more that a piece of art rather than a bird table.  Not only does the table provide cover it would be a statement piece for your garden.

Eva Solo Bird Table Standing
Eva Solo Bird Table Standing

When we saw this bird water drinker we just couldn’t resist it.  At Ellis and Co we love our morning cup of tea, so we felt it was only right to share our love of tea within a wildlife friendly garden.

China Tea Cups - Bird Water Drinkers
China Tea Cups – Bird Water Drinkers

As we all know children love observing nature and encouraging them for a ‘sleep over’ will make you a hero in their eyes.  We really like the Avianex Nest Boxes, there are tough and long lasting perfect for those inquisitive small hands.  They are a fantastic home for small birds such as blue tits and house sparrows.

Avianex Nest Boxes
Avianex Nest Boxes

Frogs and toads are in real danger and so if you spot these amphibian creatures finding comfort in your garden why not give nature a helping hand.  They like to eat a lot of beetles, bugs, slugs and snails. They love warm, humid atmospheres so don’t be surprised if you find one getting cosy in your shed.

The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter will provide the shelter that they need in your garden.  It is all about location, location, location, find a cool and sheltered quiet part of the garden preferably near a pond if you have one.  Their interior furnishing requirements are stones, moss and leaves.

The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter
The Chapelwood Toad & Frog Shelter

Insects provide many useful chores in our garden, it is important therefore that we encourage nature’s friends to flourish within our gardens.  The ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower full of nooks and crannies is a haven for insects who will all make it their home.

Encourage nature’s friends to flourish in your garden and they will carry out useful chores along the way. This tower, with its nooks and crannies, encourages many beneficial insects including ladybirds, solitary bees and lacewings to take up residence.

No matter what the size of your garden the ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower will be the perfect wildlife friendly addition.

ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower
ChapelWood Insect Habitat Tower

One of my most loved wildlife garden animals is the Hedgehog.  So vulnerable in many ways, we long to protect them.  Why not provide your Hedgehogs with their dream home.  The Wooden Hedgehog House has been designed to protect them over the winter months, the entrance tunnel ensures it is also a safe house from predators.  Find a secluded part of your garden where they are hibernate undisturbed.

Deluxe Hedgehog House
Deluxe Hedgehog House

We ask you to join Ellis and Co this February in our quest to encourage the wildlife back into our gardens.

A well maintained garden full of life is a real asset to your home, especially when you are looking to sell.  The garden is just an addition to your interior so you need to ensure that your garden is ready for sale.

Does a garden really add value to your home?  Check out our February newsletter to find out more.

A well-presented garden can add value to your home

Call Jason Davies today on 020 8455 1014 to find out how much value your garden has added onto your home.